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Published by Victoria Park Pool : 20-04-2018

5 Benefits of Pilates that Will Make You a Better Athlete

5 Benefits of Pilates that Will Make You a Better Athlete

Pilates is described as an art of controlled movements and is practised by over 12 million people worldwide. Despite the obvious advantages, like a killer body. There are many amazing side effects, both mental and physical, attributed to the regular practice of Pilates and some of them just might surprise you.

Pilates is an exercise great for anyone and can be used to supplement other sports and help achieve fitness goals.

Improve Flexibility

Pilates comprises of certain stretches and exercises that can elongate muscles and increase your range of motion.

The more frequently you practice Pilates, the better your flexibility will become. Flexibility can help improve your performance in other sports such as swimming. So, if you always thought Pilates wasn’t relevant to you, you might need to think again.

Improves Breathing Techniques

Breathing is an important technique for many sports and mastering the awareness and control of your breath is a great skill to have. Pilates places careful attention on your breathing and uses it to help guide you through the workout. This awareness not only improves breathing patterns during your workouts but also forces you to breath deeper and enhances the blood circulation in the body. You’ll be feeling great after a workout as deep breathing allows blood to deliver oxygen to your body, which cleanses, provides an invigorating feeling, and helps muscle recovery.

Teaches Physically and Mental Control

In Pilates all exercises require a level of control, as the muscles work to lift against gravity. The movement will train your core to have firm control over your body. Trust us; you’ll notice the difference in your everyday life. However, more than this, many of the positions require a considerable amount of concentration and patience, further teaching your mind to stay in control of your body, even off the matt.

Is a Concentration Booster

Pilates is all about the mind-body connection. To participate in a class successfully, you need to be present, as you focus on your breath and synchronise your movements with it. This skill requires maintaining concentration for a 40minute period, making Pilates a great exercise for the body and mind alike.

Helps with Injury Recovery and Prevention

At the core of Pilates teaching is the tools needed to improve posture, a crucial element in avoiding injury across all sporting activities. Every movement is designed with precision to help with our positioning, increase flexibility, and strengthen muscles. Physical therapists all over the world recommend Pilates as part of injury rehabilitation regimens.

So now we’ve convinced you of all the benefits of Pilates we hope to see you at any one of our fantastic classes. Victoria Park Pool runs Pilate sessions every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday. Sign up here.

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The five benefits of Pilates that will help you achieve all your fitness goals.

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