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Published by Victoria Park Pool : 19-02-2018

Bowl over your Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Bowl over your Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

To kick off our week of feeling 'BETTER' here are three absolutely delicious health bowls that are perfect for eating for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Super quick to prepare and packed with nutricious ingredients these bowls will enable you to start and finish the day feeling a whole lot better about yourself! 

blue morning smoothie bowl

1. The Blue Morning Smoothie Bowl

With Summer zucchinis still at abundance and low prices in the supermarket, this bowl is perfect as it relies on the surprise ingredient: frozen zucchini. The bowl also features spirulina, chia seeds, coconut milk and cashew butter to bring it together into delicious creamy heaven. Because zucchini is 70% water and aids digestion this little frozen gem is going to help keep you hydrated and feeling light throughout your day. Top your bowl with some goji berries, hemp seeds, cacao nibs and fresh fruit for a big nutricious wake up!  




2. The Warm Green Breakfast Bowl

Ignore the name, this amazing bowl from reknowned blogger Sarah Glover is just as good for dinner as it is for breakfast. It balances a bunch of greens with some quinoa (or swap out with some ancient grains or brown rice), garlic, almonds, boiled (or poached) egg and the king of all cheeses - HALOUMI. Soft egg yolk running over the top of crispy haloumi with a squeeze of lemon to off-set the saltiness - anytime of the day please. 



3. Healthy Chicken Burrito Bowl

Sarah Wilson's 'I quit sugar' took the home cooking world by storm with some incredible recipes that promoted a sugar-free and cook at home lifestyle. Unlike many of the American burrito bowls, this bowl is actually lean, fresh and delicious. A combination of fresh salad, roast chicken, corn, spices and a little bit of cheese makes this a simple but fantastic lunch or mid-week dinner. 

So there you have it, our favourite three healthy food bowls to enjoy throughout the week to enable you to feel a whole lot 'BETTER'! 


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Enjoy and feel 'BETTER' about yourself with these three nutrition packed food bowls to introduce into your week across either breakfast, lunch or dinner

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