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Published by Victoria Park Pool : 18-06-2019

Jack's Face2Face Journey: Session Two

Jack's Face2Face Journey: Session Two

Jack has made it back for his second session! He’s feeling excited to get stuck into his workout and begin this journey. 

Jack wants to be able to swim 1km in the pool and build up muscle in the gym. However, one thing that Jack has struggled in the past, making sure exercise becomes a regular part of his life.

He often finds himself distracted by studying, working and spending time with family and friends. Jack will see how this next stage of the program can help to solidify these necessary habits in exercise.

What will Jack’s Second Session Look Like?

After his first session, the Coach asked him questions about his mindset, because before we can work on achieving physical results, we must focus on the mindset of our members.

Question like:

  • How confident they feel in the gym, is this your home turf?
  • Do you have a reliable enough habit to be attending regularly seeing results?
  • How much do you enjoy exercise?
  • Do you like to challenge yourself?
  • How much knowledge do you have about health, fitness and nutrition?
  • Does your workout environment feel social?  

Using this information as well as his measurements and an understanding of his goals, the Coach has written Jack an exercise program that he is to follow during the following weeks.

What will Jack Gain? 

Session two is an introduction to this program and is an excellent opportunity for the Coach to demonstrate the right technique and form for all of the exercises and ensure Jack is comfortable in the gym. After that appointment, he will be able to start working out independently and will get closer to achieving his goal.

This session is all about creating a habit. Jack will commit to at least three sessions a week that he will attend independently. However, the coach will check in regularly; this way, Jack feels obligated to stick with it and hopefully, this will create healthy habits as he progresses through this journey.

Find out more about Face2Face here

News Summary

Jack is stepping into his second Face2Face session. Find out how he goes in our latest blog post.

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