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Published by Victoria Park Pool : 12-02-2019

Why Zumba Is Beneficial at Any Age

Why Zumba Is Beneficial at Any Age

It’s not surprising Zumba is commonly referred to as exercise in disguise, this hour-long class involves moving your body to the beat of Latin-inspired music and it’s seriously fun. However, it’s not just a good time, this class burns calories, reduces stress and is good for your heart, making it beneficial at any age. This article looks at all the benefits of Zumba and how you can get involved at Victoria Park Pool.

Burn Those Calories

Who knew that shedding calories could be so fun? According to recent studies an hour of Zumba can burn the same amount of calories as running or lifting weights for the same amount of time. These sessions involve a whole body workout, which require the coordination of arms and legs at the same time. To maximise weight loss during these classes, professionals suggest leaving all inhibition at the door! Really get your body moving and dance like nobody's watching.

Encourage a Healthy Heart

If you’re worried about your heart Zumba may be just what the doctor ordered. Of course, it’s sensible to check with your health professional before beginning any new exercise. Zumba is an extremely aerobic exercise and studies have shown that it can increase circulation which in turn improves cardiovascular health. Not only that, but Zumba also has been found to lower blood pressure.

Exercise in a Fun Environment

If you’re sick of running on the treadmill or straining on a bike, Zumba might be the exercise for you! You’re guaranteed to leave the gym smiling and you’re bound to meet some new like minded people.

Plus you are more likely to stick to something if we enjoy it and Zumba provides the perfect opportunity to integrate a healthy activity into your lifestyle. Zumba is a great way of combining a social and interactive environment with exercise. Victoria Park Pool provides a safe and encouraging atmosphere where members have fun together.

Work your Whole Body

Although it may seem too good to be true, Zumba truly does provide a total body workout. While you’re dancing you move back and forth and side to side, you will use every part of your lower body and be required to coordinate your arms and shoulders with the music. More than this, is the integrated squats, lunges, curls and arm raises, common to traditional workouts, that you won't even realise you’re doing!

Maintain a Safe Environment

Zumba combines high and low-intensity moves that are kind on your joints. Jogging, lifting weights and other traditional forms of exercise are certainly proven to be effective, but they can wreak havoc If you suffer from arthritis, osteoporosis or other bone and joint problems. This relatively low impact form of exercise is a safe way to work around these issues while still getting an effective workout.

Come down to Victoria Park Pool to experience Zumba for yourself. We guarantee you’ll enjoy it, gain a whole body workout and leave with a new friend or two. View the timetable or contact one of our friendly customer service representatives on 9518 4800.


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This hour-long class involves moving your body to the beat of Latin-inspired music and it’s seriously fun.

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