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Victoria Park Pool has a large range of amenities to assist persons with additional needs, the elderly and those with rehabilitation requirements.

Equitable Access

Equitable Access Features

Equitable Access

Victoria Park Pool has a large range of amenities to assist persons with additional needs, the elderly and those with rehabilitation requirements. Concession pass holders are also granted entry to the facility at a discounted rate and free entry for their carers.


Victoria Park Pool has two pools; a 50m pool and a shallow wading pool. These pools are suitable for a range of uses including those associated with rehabilitation and special needs.

50m Pool

The 50m pool has lane space available at all times for access by people requiring additional needs. A pool access hoist is available allowing special access patrons, full support for entry into and out of the water.

Our average temperature for the pool is 26 degrees creating a comfortable environment for multipurpose aquatic use.

The pool is accessible from both shallow and deep ends. An easy ladder step is located on the south side near the shallow end providing patrons with steps that reach the bottom of the pool. This part of the pool is 1.2m deep.

An easy hoist is available to get persons with special needs into and out of the water. This does require staff to operate and it is preferred that a carer be present in the water.

Wading Pool

Located next to the 50m swimming pool is a shallow wading pool for patrons that want to splash around without getting into deep water. This pool is used mostly by children; however persons of all ages are welcome. This pool is shallow on the outsides and gradually deepens towards the middle. At its deepest point it reaches approx. 60cm in depth.


The Victoria Park Pool features a choice of amenities to suit access requirement by patrons requiring additional needs.

Accessible Change Rooms are provided at either end of the facility. These are located next to the primary change rooms for each gender.

Wheel Chair access

When arriving at the facility an aquatics wheelchair is available for special access patrons who need to transfer from a standard wheel chair to an aquatics wheelchair. 

Pool Level Access

Victoria Park Pool has access ramps from the reception area to pool deck in both deep and shallow directions.

Access times

Access to the Victoria Park Pool by persons with additional needs is available at all times that the centre is open. Opening hours are available on the center’s website vppool.com.au

Disabled Parking

Disabled parking is located outside the centre doors. Entry is via Parramatta Road before the set of lights at the Sydney Uni entrance. Parking is only permitted during all hours and a valid parking permit must be displayed.


Lockers are available for persons with additional needs. These are located at either end of the facility outside change rooms and cost $2.

Victoria Park Pool staff are available at all times to assist any patrons into and out of the water that require special access. It is however recommended that patrons who will be attending with a carer or require further assistance during their visit please call the centre prior to arrival on 9518 8400.