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Published by Victoria Park Pool : 23-05-2018

How to Trick Yourself into Becoming a Morning Person

How to Trick Yourself into Becoming a Morning Person

Daylight savings brings with it shorter days, and if you're not a morning person, this can make it almost impossible to fit in your workout. You've tried to set your alarm for a 6:30 am class the night before, but when the time comes you can't help but hit that snooze button! Here are our tricks to help yourself become a morning person and never skip that early morning Pilates class again!

Implement a Routine

Establishing a schedule can help clue our bodies into what’s to come. Maintaining a regular evening routine will help chill you out and let your mind know that it’s nearly time to fall asleep. For example, that could mean drinking a cup of (decaffeinated) tea and reading for 20 minutes each evening before bed. Beleive it or not, soon waking up early will also become a routine!

Make Sure You're Ready Before Sleeping

Use the time before bed to get together anything you’ll need for the rest of your day, including a healthy lunch, make-ahead breakfast gym bag, and work clothes. Shortening your morning to-do list just might make it easier to roll out of bed.

Set a Goal

As with any change, it’s important to have a tangible reason motivating the action. If you've set a health and fitness goal, which is achieved by early morning training, you're more likely to achieve it. Don't set the goal too high at first, make sure it's something achievable that you can stick with for a while.

Jump out of Bed

Make sure you get out of bed as soon as your alarm goes off.
It can be tempting to close your eyes and enjoy a few more minutes, but this can make it even harder to get up. According to research, this stage is called a light sleep stage and by going back to sleep. You could be sending yourself into a deeper sleep stage, making it harder to wake up and start your day. Put your alarm somewhere on the other side of the room, that way you have to get up and out of bed to turn it off, let's just hope you don't get back in again!

Sign up for an Early Morning Class

If you've already committed to something, you're much more likely to attend, rather than snoozing your alarm again. Not only this doing exercise early in the morning will give you an extra shot of energy and make you feel good for the day ahead. You'll start to associate waking up with this feel-good feeling, and soon it won't feel like a chore again.

Victoria Park Pool has a range of fitness classes that can get you going in the morning. So, whether it's a yoga class, outdoor fitness or boxing, we've got everything you need. Sign up here to get one step closer to achieving your health and fitness goals.

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With daylight savings upon us, it's now more critical than ever to be able to fit out workouts in the morning. But what do you do if you're not a morning person?

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