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Published by Victoria Park Pool : 01-08-2016

Staying Motivated During Winter

Staying Motivated During Winter


Here are some things you can do to keep on track during the cooler months. 

 • Set solid goals: With only a few weeks until Spring, set yourself an immediate goal. Perhaps it’s a holiday, party, wedding, or you just want to be the best version of you. Without having a goal, it’s hard to remain motivated to keep training and eating well. 

• Plan workout times in advance: When you have your workouts set, plan them in to a structure. Don’t wait until you ‘feel like it’ to workout, because you probably won’t feel like it a lot of the time.

Make it a priority to work out a certain days of the week and schedule it in to your diary. Most people will do well while they’re highly motivated, but as soon as work or life becomes stressful or the weather is bad you won’t want to get to the gym. 

• Find a buddy, class or trainer: To make the likelihood of you maintaining your commitment as high as possible, you need accountability.

Accountability to yourself is one thing, but accountability to someone else is much stronger. If you have planned to meet a friend, attend a class or workout with a trainer, you are much less likely to skip it, because you don’t want to let them down.

Find a trainer – they are masters of motivation! If you cant afford a regular trainer, your instructors can write a program for you and then over time, reassess your goals.


Mix it up to avoid repetition– change what you do every week, especially during winter. 

News Summary

Winter is a tough time to maintain your fitness. We all tend to hibernate and stay inside, and the motivation for weight loss goals can drop. Alarmingly, almost half of us are likely to put on weight, according to recent research by the NSW Food Authority. It found that 53 per cent of men and 38 per cent of women anticipate a weight gain of at least 2kg over winter.

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